Welcome, WordleUnlimited.com Users

If you're arriving here as a previous user of WordleUnlimited.com, welcome! You probably have some questions.

What happened to the WordleUnlimited.com site?

Unfortunately, the person that was running the site had to make the decision to shut it down. It was out of his control. And, rather than abandon all the users that were enjoying the game, he decided it would be better to send them here, to WordPlay.com.

What is WordPlay?

It's a word-guessing game too, but with some additional features like saving your stats/streaks to a free account, using [space] to leave letter spots, etc. But, it's a *different* web application, so you're going to find some differences. Hopefully, on the whole, you enjoy WordPlay.

Who are you?

I'm @dharmesh (on twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) My day job is being co-founder/CTO of HubSpot (a software company in Cambridge, MA). WordPlay started as a hobby weekend project with my son (who's learning to code.)