How Player Levels Work

Every player starts at level 1. There are currently 100 possible levels. Yes, that's a lot, but at the rate some of you progress, we needed them.

Every solution word has a level associated with it based on the difficulty of guessing it. To assign a level to each word, I used data. I looked at the history of millions of games played on WordPlay so far, and determined how many guesses the word took (on average) to calculate a level for the word.

When you play a game of WordPlay, you get a random solution word, regardless of your current level. So, you could get a word that's a level 1 -- or a word that's 100. I considered *only* giving you words that were at or above your level, but as you rise in your levels, that would limit the available words and provide an unintended hint. For example, if you knew were getting a level 90+ word, you'd probably be on the lookout for repeated letters and uncommon letters. This would give players at higher levels an unfair advantage. So, I went with picking a random word from all available words, regardless of level.

To proceed to the NEXT level from where you are, you have to solve 10 WordPlay puzzles that are higher than your current level. So, to get to Level 2, you'd need to solve 10 puzzles that are Level 2 -- or higher.