What Are The Best First Guesses For Wordle?

Ever since I launched the First Word tool, which helps you assess how good your first guess is when playing Wordle, people have been saying: "Great! But what are the best words!"

I've hesitated to release the list of top words because it felt wrong in a way. But, the more I thought about it, the more I thought it was right. When playing chess it is common for players (especially experts) to study great opening moves. Nobody thinks it's wrong to study opening moves. So, I think it's fine for Wordle too to study the First Words.

The Top 10 First Word Guesses For Wordle

Without further ado (not ADIEU, which is a common first word)...

  1. SOARE
  2. SAINE
  3. SLATE
  4. SLANE
  5. STARE
  6. SAICE
  7. SANER
  8. SNARE
  9. RAILE
  10. RAISE